Bringing the HickBoo Theatre Project to Life.

The HickBoo after spending many months living in a miniaturised set finally became life size last week at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff for a private development show funded by the Arts Council Wales. The show was a collaborative project with Mappa Mundi theatre company, which was intended as a proof of concept and to give a small demonstration of how projection mapping and animation can be fused with live theatre and actors. All in all it went very well, and we some had really good feedback. Hopefully it will be onwards an upwards for the HickBoo as we now push on with finding further funding to continue his story :)

The rest of this article gives a description and some photos of how we brought the HickBoo to life for the theatre.

Concept Art

Walking thr Mountains Fishing Riverside

Designing The Set

3D Model Tests

Building the scale Model

Laser Cutting Model Construction Finishing Off

Testing the Scale Model with Lighting

Lighting 3

Lighting Test 1 Lighting Test 2

Testing the Scale Model with Projections

Projection Test Projection Test 2

Getting into the Sherman Theatre

Big Doors

First Day

Quick Green Screen shoot.

Green Screen Shoot

Adjusting the Set pieces with the Mappa Mundi Crew

Adjusting the set pieces 1

Adjusting the Set pieces 2

Mapping the Stage Set

Mapping the set

Mapping the Set 2


Mapping 3

Our little production centre and one of the two awesome projectors we got to play with :)

Production Corner








The Show



Set Deconstruction



Off Home

Off Home

We would like to say a big thanks to the Actors (Robbie, Kath, Katy, Matthew and Gwawr), all at the Sherman Theatre Cymru for helping us develop this idea (especially Tom and Alex for their technical help), WIld Creations for the wonderful set build, SSS for the hire of projectors, and the Welsh Arts Council for funding this experimental project.

Finally we would like to say an extra big thank you to all at Mappa Mundi – Brenda, Ian, Keiron, Peter and especially Ceri for his amazing lighting and production management, and Rich for his wonderful directing of the actors, and more so falling in love with our original installation which was the spark for all of this.

Thank you to all of you who helped, without you this whole concept could not be realised.

Sophie, Rich and Jake – Digital Tea Leaves