Digital Tea Leaves’ unique approach is to combine fine arts and digital creativity with cutting edge technology to produce novel, stunning and magical audio visual experiences. It originated as the brainchild of Sophie Cheshire and Richard George, whilst building Sophie’s MA Animation project as a method of disseminating her highly creative work to a wider audience. The project, “The Hickboo – Audio Visual Installation”, was extremely well received, as it took typical screen based animation on to a whole new level, by using novel projection mapping techniques to bring a miniature wooden set to life. Since this Digital Tea Leaves has branched out into providing projection mapping solutions for larger scale theatre projects and are currently in the process of brewing another sweet little idea that will be revealed in early 2014.


Sophie Cheshire: Director, Animator and Set Designer – Sophie grew up on a working pottery in the depths of deepest North Wales, which gave her an appreciation for nature and the arts. After initially dabbling with fine art and sculpture she moved into the digital arena, gaining an FdA in Creative and Interactive Media, a BA in Media Practice and an MA in Animation. Her highly innovative work harnesses both traditional and digital art to create interactive installations from the large scale down to the miniature. www.sophiecheshire.me

Richard George: Director, Animator, Programmer and Set Designer – Richard has more of a scientific and technical background, having a first degree in Oceanography and Computing and later an MSc and a PhD in Computer Graphics. During this period, when he was building visualizations and visualization tools for oceanographers, he developed a taste for using these skills for creative coding, generative art and live events. Out of this, Psyentific Visualization was born – a VJ and audio-visual outfit specialising in visuals and projection mapping for music events and festivals.

As Sophie and Richard started to work collaboratively on more narrative based productions this signalled that a new identity for this type of work was required and thus Digital Tea Leaves was created.


Mappa Mundi Theatre: Hickboo Theatre development project.

Jake Carpenter: Motion Capture for the Hickboo installation; 3D modelling and visual effects for the Hickboo theatre development project.

Simon Eastwood: Composer – Hickboo installation.


Mike Farrar: 3D Modelling – Hickboo installation.


Fedias Hadjixenofontos: 3D Consultation – Hickboo installation.


Michaela Czech: 3D texturing – HIckboo installation.